Investment Philosophy


We believe that tryb is placed at the nucleus of the transformation of the financial services industry in ASEAN. Economic, demographic, regulatory and technology drivers are creating abundant opportunities in both financial inclusion and transformation.

We are an early investor in an underdeveloped financial technology ecosystem with access to assets, licenses and talent for regional capital and technology deployment.



We believe that the right approach towards this environment is to develop cohesive financial infrastructure platforms. In an environment with increasing regional integration and financial digitization, scalable platforms will provide greater impact on the landscape than technologies deployed in isolation. We create these platforms through unlocking synergies between our investees companies, in turn rendering them greater than the sum of their parts. Our corporate structure further embraces this approach, aligning investors, management, and investee companies.



We understand that the deployment of technology is a time consuming process, with both general business development challenges and finance-specific regulatory hurdles. We are partners in this process. Drawing on our expertise in banking, technology as well as the regulatory environment, we utilize our insights to help our investee companies address potential challenges to serving the financial sector.